Project / Statement / Booktrailer

With this work on families with LGBT parents, I wished to explore an aspect of a vast new sphere of social possibilities. I wanted to understand how the traditional family paradigm, the Italian “sacred family” (from which I come myself ), was evolving under the stimulus of these possibilities.
I was guided not only by an emotional, intimate and personal dimension, but also by the wish to explore man’s ability to choose and determine his own destiny; the need to analyse “the outside”, the world, society; the process through which inner motivations find their space in the outer sphere. And, because the “world” sets absolute limits, the question becomes “where do we stand in relation to these limits?”
Families with LGBT parents have to tackle many barriers, in terms of social approval, rights and equal opportunities. Those that I met had dealt with and overcome the constraints that had been imposed on them. They have personally enacted a political choice with their body, shifting the ontological, existential, political and social boundaries of what is permitted in our country today.

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